Uniquely Original - Distinctly Different
Uniquely Original - Distinctly Different
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             How To Write Your Story - click image 


Write Down the Following:


1. What challenges have you overcome?

2. How do you think it can encourage someone?
3. Next, write down a poem or quick storyline.
4. Share your story on your social media timeline.



Did you survive a car accident? Write what happened.

Did you survive a medical situation? Write what happened.


Did you come through a major financial crisis/job loss? Write it down.

Did you experience a miracle in your life? Write it down.


Did you overcome an addiction? Write about that.


Fact:  Your Story is your place of power.

          Your Story cannot be disputed.
          Your Story will draw others.
          Your story will qualify you to speak.


Your story is your ministry and will help someone else. The key is to express how the Lord helped you overcome the challenge.

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