Uniquely Original - Distinctly Different
Uniquely Original - Distinctly Different

Do you need life changing solutions to the challenges of life? Well, Thomas H. Stephens, God's Poet has put together his book of over 150 poetic solutions to solve your problems. It contains poems on marriage, money,  hope, overcoming obstacles, leadership, success and many more. The e-book is available today by order it under the products tab. It is also available in hard copy.


Selected Poems included in the book are below. Enjoy..


In the beginning, God created you.
There is nothing on earth that you can't do.
You were born with a vision, a purpose, a plan;
Born with creative hands.

Born to love; not be apart.
Born with this truth planted in your heart.
You were born to laugh and born to live;
Born to help; born to give.
Born to know; born to believe;
Born for greatness; born to achieve.
So strive...and expect to succeed.
Because, greatness is your destiny!



A leader knows what she believes;
How to love and how to please.
How to inspire and motivate;
How to be on time...never late.
How to follow; how to lead.
How to rise; how to succeed.
How to plan, design and create;
How to truly be first-rate.
She prepares; practices and prays each day!
Where others fail she makes a way.
When faced with a problem, trial or test
Others drop out; She shines as best.
She leads through struggles then stands up tall.
She is a leader, after all!
So reach to achieve. Reach for the top;
Never give up! Never stop!
Have faith in God and continue to believe.
Because,  you are a leader,  Born to Lead!



When you get down and out
And you begin to doubt...
You don't know right from wrong;
The season is so long.
Just look unto the hill!
Have faith in God’s will.
Wait and be still.
Because, God's got a plan for you.
God's plan was from the start.
God's plan-Noah filled the ark.
God's plan-Moses parted the sea.
God's plan-the Hebrew slaves were freed.
God's plan-Jericho's walls came down.
God's plan-Jonah didn't drown.
God's plan-Daniel survived the den.
God's plan-the furnace became a friend.
You must have faith in plans unseen!
You have faith in the water being clean;
Faith in the food restaurants prepare;
Faith in the doctor's care...
Faith in the air you breathe;
Faith in a ship floating on the sea;
Faith that your car will start;
Faith in the pump called your heart;
Faith that an elevator won't fall;
Faith in nature's law;
Faith that a plane will fly;
Faith in the rain coming from the sky.
You must have Faith. You must believe.
Your plans look cloudy, but God can see!
He knows what's best and what's hoped for.
His ways are unknown, but He's the core.
He teaches and guides in His planned path.
He make things right on His behalf.
So, have faith in what God's planned for...
Because, we see in part, but He sees more!



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